B.W. and the Discovery

“In the forbidden Canyon of ‘Those Who Cannot Be Seen’ (somewhere on protected land in a canyon in North County San Diego), our hero wizard, B.W. walks with caution along a poorly maintained, arid trail carrying on with wizard business that only wizards can understand.  Our hero wizard is adorned in the Azure Robe and Helmet of the Anointed, given those in the Wizard’s Society, as well as a lavish, well maintained, long white beard.  His features are distinguished, but he’s only the young age of 760, which is quite a spritely era for a wizard.  

Suddenly, he spies what appears to be a sponge-like organism composed of some organic, non-gmo, sustainably sourced white grain flour, some local aquaphor water noted as being the most healthful in all the land and a mysterious invisible agent seemingly changing the other elements’ composition entirely.

Our hero wizard stops in his tracks.  His gaze begins to narrow on the sponge and his eyes begin to go pale and softly illuminate as he uses his magic to attempt to see the mysterious agent.  “Show yourself.  I am no threat to you.”  B.W. still could not see to whom he was speaking.  ‘We are those who cannot be seen..duh?’ replies a million billion tiny, tiny voices, softly.  B.W. gives pause and asks, “If I cannot see you, then what are you?”.  The voices reply, “We have been here since before history, and will be here long after you leave this existence, wizard.  We are made of magic you cannot fathom creating amazing, aromatic fermentation for all sorts of wonderful baked goods.”

B.W. steps back and repositions himself, slightly smiling at the apparitions’ defiance.  Our wizard hero raises his hands and dark, mystical cirrus clouds begin to circle the two in rapid fashion casting a darkness on the scene.  From the spinning clouds, distant chanting of magic spells can be heard, but our hero’s mouth is shut.  B.W.’s eyes are glowing now and his thoughts transfer to the invisible insubordinate.  “show yourself… I command thee.”  The sponge was silent, but then, quadrupled in size and began to steam.  The aroma was very inviting.  B.W.’s eyes return, and his look of determination turns to worry.  Our hero naturally wouldn’t intentionally hurt any living creature he came across, unless he was first provoked, of course.  “Sponge, have I injured you?  I didn’t mean to if I did!”.  The sponge continued to steam. “We are not injured!  The byproduct of heat from your spell has reacted with our composition to make us more active, pungent and powerful!  We thank you, but too much power may be more than anyone could handle, and we would be consumed completely.”

B.W. isn’t paying much attention until the end of the sponge’s speech.  The aroma is so intoxicatingly delicious he can barely keep his mind on much else.  “I have an idea,” the wizard said, raising his boney finger to the sky in a ridiculous manner.  “If you are so small, I will split a portion of you off with your sponge and use my magic on the rest.”  Dark clouds form again around the scene and when the dust settles, we find our hero wizard leaning against a smooth stone with a face full of contentment and a belly full of sourdough.  “I have spared you so you can grow and feed me your delicious whitegrain sourdough bread and many other baked delectables, again.  What do you think of that?’ B.W. speaks into a small vessel where he had stored the remainder of the sponge he split before.  He couldn’t hear the sponge’s reply as the lid was sealed shut.  B.W. shrugs, then says,’I dub thee, Elden Spores!’ and continues down the path through the canyon.

To be continued…”