Elden Spores White Grain Sourdough Starter


Dehydrated White Grain Starter Perfect for budding and seasoned bakers who want a easy to use, wonderful tasting, beautiful crumb every time.


Elden Spores Dehydrated White Grain Sourdough Starter takes your sourdough to ‘Wizard’ status! Gaze upon this unique, sparkling dehydrated white grain sourdough starter. It sparkles because it’s magic (an unexpected result from the dehydration process)! With a little water, ap flour and time, this starter is fully rehydrated and ready to eat*. This organic starter has been developed and curated in San Diego, CA next to a flourishing canyon (protected land) capturing natural yeasts to create a luscious, hearty, delicious final product. Loafs, rolls, pizza, crusts, bowls, desserts, baguettes, you name it. This starter has been tested with dozens of recipes and gotten great success with each attempt. Whether just starting on your sourdough journey, or a seasoned pro, this starter will produce fantastic, new results when applied with proper care and application. Buy it once, enjoy it for a lifetime. Dehydrated starter will last longer than you or I and can last months in sealed container in the fridge when rehydrated. Make as much or as little as you want, dehydrate again, repeat!

*Results will vary depending on ingredients used, geographical location and altitude and environment the starter is used in.